South West Loans Fund

The South West Loans Fund is providing loans Cornish businesses who are unable to secure loans from conventional sources. If you have viable growth plans, the Fund may be able to help with loans up to £250,000.


Depending on the size of your organisation and the activities you are engaged in, there are two types of loans, with up to £10m available.

  • Finance for Business Loans provides up to £250,000 for larger organisations
  • Small Loans for Business loans provides up to £50,000 for small businesses

Who is eligible?

  • SMEs based in the South West, or those who plan to re-locate to the South West in the near future
  • Companies with a track record of business growth, a viable business plan and access to professional advisors (as defined in our eligibility criteria)
  • Businesses that can prove they can’t obtain part or all of the finance they need from the private sector
  • Businesses with appropriate environmental, health and safety, equal opportunities and other policies in place
  • Organisations operating in certain sectors may not qualify for financing
  • All loans granted under the South West Loans programme are subject to strict commercial guidelines.

More about South West Loans Fund

Funded by the Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Convergence Operational Programme and the South West of England Competitiveness and Employment Programme.   Delivered by: FC Fund Managers. South West Investment Group (Small Loans for Business).